Increasing efficiency up to 30-40% – How did Hazenberg Bouw standardize coordination workflow with Verifi3D?

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TBI is the leading Dutch construction, technology, and infrastructure giant. As Makers of Value, development builder Hazenberg Bouw, a subsidiary of TBI, is always looking for future-proof innovations that contribute to a LEAN method of planning. The company has been operating in the Netherlands for over 100 years. A key player in the Dutch construction industry, they are one of the most innovative and sustainable companies within the construction industry.

Hazenberg Bouw is at home in the southern Dutch market for new-build housing and non-residential building construction, existing building transformation and making more sustainable and long-term maintenance. Making sustainability accessible is at the core of Hazenberg Bouw.


In the last couple of decades, we have witnessed an increase in digitalization among construction professionals. While innovation has simplified a lot of operations, large-size projects are still experiencing slower communication and collaboration processes. Making sure that large design datasets are available and up to date throughout the entire working cycle is only one of the various challenges for construction companies.

And this is where Verifi3D came in.

As a leading innovative company, Hazenberg Bouw does not leave any room for mistakes. Streamlining and simplifying the existing workflow by minimizing redundancy and maintaining accountabilities for all stakeholders was a priority for Hazenberg. The company was looking for a solution that supports existing workflows with limited impact on the learning curve of the different teams, seamless integration with their existing Common Data Environment (Autodesk BIM 360), and the reduction of point solutions.

Hazenberg Bouw is looking to lead the market in relation to model checking based on the implementation of IFC-based workflows. It wanted to ensure high-quality and consistent data, despite the use of multiple sources, various projects and the lack of standardization. Hazenberg was looking to maximize the value of data compliance for their existing workflow while ensuring quick efficient communication throughout their entire team.

Verifi3D by Xinaps


In any construction or engineering project, multiple workflows are happening at once. The Hazenberg team implemented Verifi3D as their model-checking solution to have full control to both standardize and enhance data inside IFC models. Verifi3D’s user-friendliness, browser-based structure, multiple file format support, model coordination and validation capabilities were among the main added values for Hazenberg Bouw. It provided the Hazenberg Bouw team with a holistic view of the project to increase collaboration, transparency, and accountability at every step of the project from design to construction.

''When working in a large company, it is hard to communicate and access the latest version of a model in real-time. Often that requires many professionals to be physically present in the same room. The cloud structure of Verifi3D overcomes these obsolete patterns and brings the working flow to a different level. And we haven’t even unlocked its full potential yet.''


An existing workflow can get even better; Verifi3D is a medium that can reduce complexity, cost and ultimately reduce rework on projects. Thus, helping industry professionals stay compliant with global, local, and project-specific requirements, as well as with ISO 19650 standards.

1. 30-40% more efficient

Processing design models could become a cumbersome and time-costly operation, especially if users don’t have considerable computational power available. Implementing Verifi3D was the next step toward digitalizing and standardizing Hazenberg Bouw’s workflows. The power of the cloud was a major advantage for the company. When using Verifi3D, there is no need to invest in expensive hardware because Verifi3D runs the models on the cloud, processing large amounts of data within a browser. In addition, the Hazenberg team managed to significantly increase their model-checking efficiency, performing more than 10,000 clashes while using Verifi3D’s advanced rule-based engine.

2. Enhanced collaboration and model coordination

Moreover, Verifi3D’s ability to import and export files in different formats (Revit, IFC) enhanced the joint work with other teams within the company – something that is crucial for a large organization.

The model coordination and automated model checking capabilities offered by Verifi3D were game changers. The automation allowed them to customize their rule sets and to apply them to every object they wanted to check, while the real-time sync and model coordination assured every team member had the right model at all times. Accuracy and time efficiency are major KPIs for Hazenberg as they ensure the precision and reliability of models before they go into a building stage.

3. Increased interoperability

Hazenberg mentioned that Verifi3D’s third-party integrations, such as Autodesk BIM 360, further facilitated their collaboration with other teams. This enabled the Hazenberg team to take advantage of Verifi3D’s capabilities while using its already existing solutions and incorporating Verifi3D into their workflow seamlessly. As an agnostic solution, Verifi3D made it easier for the team to share the models and work seamlessly in the cloud.

4. Time saved on training

Thanks to its intuitive user interface and simple menu configuration, the team managed to comfortably use the tool just after a few clicks. The solution did not require long training hours or extensive previous software knowledge. The Hazenberg team was pleased to see a significant cut in hours that otherwise would have been spent on training.


Hazenberg Bouw is an early adopter of Verifi3D. Their passion for innovation and improving the model-checking process in the industry led them to implement Verifi3D. They wanted to utilize the potential of developing a standardized, easy-to-follow approach to model checking and encourage a culture of checking earlier and regularly more within projects.

Hazenberg Bouw is the last line of defense against mistakes before they go live on-site. Verifi3D offers a new approach to model checking which simplifies the complexities associated with their existing workflows and allows more people in Hazenberg Bouw to engage in model checking early on.

Due to its cloud-based structure and automated model-checking capabilities, leading to fewer mistakes in the process and a more streamlined workflow, Verifi3D delivered better model coordination capabilities for the Hazenberg Bouw team. Its user-friendliness saved a lot of time for training, while its flexibility in multiple file format support facilitated communication and collaboration between teams, increasing efficiency by 30-40%. Last but not least, its seamless 3rd party integrations created a connected, end-to-end workflow, utilizing the solutions Hazenberg was already using!

Next Step

The unique technological implications provided by Verifi3D have demonstrated promising capabilities to boost Hazenberg Bouw and other business units to reach their goals while overcoming the industry challenges leading to a higher quality of building models. Hazenberg Bouw is confident that Verifi3D will be a game-changer for the AEC industry!


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