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AEC Magazine Review: Verifi3D

AEC Magazine Review: Verifi3D

This Monday AEC Magazine, one of the best known and respected media outlets in the industry, published a review about Verifi3D and its model checking capabilities in the cloud.

The complete article is available at:

Here are some quotes from the piece: 

One of the key benefits of Verifi3D is speed. With a modern cloud infrastructure it certainly shows up older desktop products like Navisworks. File opening, upload from the desktop and filtering can provide substantial benefits in time saved. In some cases customers have said they saved literally hours on some projects.

The article outlines some of the key benefits of using Verifi3D:

Xinaps has done a good job of persistence of filter and rule sets, throughout all project work, saving time and effort when checking future projects.

This review is a big recognition for Verifi3D and the Xinaps team and proves that the path Verifi3D has taken is the right one. 

A huge “Thank you!” to AEC magazine and Martyn Day for the review!


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