Join Verifi3D by Xinaps at the Autodesk University 2021 this October!

We, Xinaps are thrilled to be among the digital sponsors for the upcoming Autodesk University 2021 kicking off this October 5, 2021!

With an expected 120,000 registrants, Autodesk University 2021 is the design and make conference that brings together innovators from around the world. The digital event connects professionals from architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, and entertainment to learn, network, and discover new ideas together.

As part of the Autodesk University 2021, we will showcase Verifi3D, a cloud-based model checking solution for the AEC industry.

Aside from mitigating risks in the pre-construction stage, Verifi3D simplifies the model checking workflow. With the implementation of Common Data Environment (CDEs) such as Autodesk Construction Cloud and Autodesk BIM 360, and added integrations with BIM Track and BIMcollab, teams can now manage the model coordination workflow, including clash detection, validation, and reporting in one environment.

On October 5-14, we’ll be showcasing videos, demos, and a place to engage with our team. Experience how Verifi3D is revolutionizing the AEC industry by visiting our team at the Autodesk University 2021 digital booth!

Save your spot at the global digital conference with no cost to attend and unlock your new possible.

Interview with BIMregister on creating a more efficient and simpler construction process

Xinaps: Cloud solutions for a more efficient and simpler construction process (in Dutch)

You can read the full interview here.

We are very happy to share that we are now part of BIMregister – a platform, which highlights the most promising and innovative solutions in the AEC industry. Our CEO, Frank Schuyer, talks about the industry, the challenges and opportunities, as well as where Verifi3D fits in facilitating the model checking process. 

“The cloud solution was developed after a thorough analysis of the construction process.”, highlights Frank, and discusses in more details why Verifi3D is the software of the future.

Becoming part of BIMregister is an important step for Xinaps and Verifi3D to present the solution to a broader audience. Xinaps will also be present at the BIM Education Day. 

“In this way we easily come into contact with the new generation of construction students but also construction professionals.”, says Frank Schuyer. 

Stay tuned for more updates and follow our social media channels for the latest news! 

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Verifi3D Integrates with Autodesk BIM 360 to Streamline Model Checks


Xinaps is happy to announce an integration between its cloud-based model checker, Verifi3D, and Autodesk BIM 360®, a leading construction management software, to drive more productivity in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry.

Offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, Verifi3D allows users to classify their building data, visualize it in the Verifi3D Viewer, check it against international, local or project-specific rules and regulations, and export issue reports in different formats, such as BCF. Its integration with BIM 360 allows users to log in to Verifi3D with their Autodesk credentials to easily and instantly access their Revit ® or .IFC format models  saved in BIM 360.

Additionally, Xinaps and Autodesk  customers can now load their models from BIM 360 into the Verifi3D Viewer, perform checks and validations and create issue reports. These reports will then be saved automatically to the user’s BIM 360 project, enabling customers  to further centralize their communication and, reduce miscommunications that can lead to mistakes and schedule overruns.

“Collaboration and coordination between teams is key,” says Frank Schuyer, CEO of Xinaps. “We believe that early model checking is crucial for an efficient and cost-effective building process. With Verifi3D, we are addressing this need, as well as the industry’s call for more cloud-based solutions and real-time model checking. By integrating with BIM 360, we have the opportunity to bring all necessary information in one place, facilitate Common Data Environments and improve professionals’ workflow.”

“Navigating international, local and project specific building rules and regulations can present a significant challenge when cross checking models,” says James Cook, head of integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions. “With this integration, Verifi3D and BIM 360 users can streamline the process of checking their models against rules and regulations, helping improve their workflows while also mitigating risks and potential project delays.” Xinaps plans additional integrations in the near future to further help VDC professionals check their models real-time.

Customers who want to learn more about Verifi3D can contact Xinaps at [email protected] or review the integration in the Autodesk App Store.

About Xinaps

Xinaps is specialized in innovative software development for the AEC industry. The company’s mission is to lead the transformation and digitalization of the industry. Its cloud-based solutions bring architects, engineers and contractors together, by facilitating common data environments and integrating with collaboration workflows. For more information visit

About Autodesk

Autodesk and BIM 360 are registered trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., in the USA and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders.



For more information:
Hristina Balabanova
[email protected]

AEC Magazine Review: Verifi3D

AEC Magazine Review: Verifi3D - Model Checking in the Cloud

This Monday AEC Magazine, one of the best known and respected media outlets in the industry, published a review about Verifi3D and its model checking capabilities in the cloud.

The complete article is available at:

Here are some quotes from the piece: 

One of the key benefits of Verifi3D is speed. With a modern cloud infrastructure it certainly shows up older desktop products like Navisworks. File opening, upload from the desktop and filtering can provide substantial benefits in time saved. In some cases customers have said they saved literally hours on some projects.

The article outlines some of the key benefits of using Verifi3D:

Xinaps has done a good job of persistence of filter and rule sets, throughout all project work, saving time and effort when checking future projects.

This review is a big recognition for Verifi3D and the Xinaps team and proves that the path Verifi3D has taken is the right one. 

A huge “Thank you!” to AEC magazine and Martyn Day for the review!

Xinaps and BIMcollab integrate issue management and model checking in the cloud with the BIMcollab-Verifi3D link

For immediate release

10/10/2020, Delft, the Netherlands – BIMcollab and Xinaps announce a groundbreaking integration in one of the least digitalized parts of late design and pre-construction stage. The newly introduced interworking between Xinaps’ model checker, Verifi3D, and BIMcollab’s issue management software, brings to the AEC industry a seamless, comprehensive workflow within the model checking process.

The issue management system in the cloud operates across applications, empowering project collaboration. BIMcollab is designed to manage issues during the design and construction phases where BIM is used. Verifi3D empowers designers and general contractors with the right tools to validate their BIM data, automate hard clashing checks and mitigate risks during the model checking process real-time. Bringing these two workflows together helps bridging the differences between BIM tools and targets the multidisciplinary cooperation between companies working on construction projects. Now, issues found with the Verifi3D Model Checker can be published to BIMcollab real-time. The BIM modeler will be automatically notified and can immediately locate the problematic objects in their BIM Model whatever the authoring tool (Revit, ArchiCAD, etc). Once a solution is found, a simple click allows the issues to be reported and resolved.

We’re excited to announce a new integration that makes the model coordination and the issue tracking process easier and more efficient for everyone. By using the integrated processes of BIMcollab and Verifi3D, all project stakeholders from the field to the office can participate in issue tracking and resolution throughout the project life cycle. Model coordination may now become a full-team effort, providing accessibility to team members who have little or no experience with data validation software and processes. This provides value to our clients, allowing them to easily harness the power of their models and communicate the project design, check model development, and resolve issues quickly and easily. By bringing together BIMcollab’s issue management abilities and Verifi3D’s data validation and model coordination features, we are providing the best of both products.

Frank Schuyer, CEO of Xinaps

Combining the cloud-based structure of Verifi3D and the powerful BIMcollab workflows users already know and love results in a time-saving, seamless integration. Interworking between Verifi3D and BIMcollab allows project teams to save time by automating clash detection, increase the quality of their models by early data validation and create a single source of truth for issue management across the entire project team.

In order to stimulate BIM collaboration, it’s our vision to integrate BIMcollab with as many solutions as possible. That’s why we offer open source API’s, which are now successfully used by Xinnaps to build an easy to use integration between BIMcollab and Verify3D. We are very happy to welcome Verify3D users in our eco system.

Erik Pijnenburg CEO of BIMcollab

About Xinaps

Excellence by technology: we believe in building better. Xinaps is specialized in innovative cloud-based software development for the AEC industry. Our company builds model checking solutions in the cloud to optimize and automate processes. Together with you as innovators in the AEC

industry, we develop solutions that modernize the industry and help you build smarter, safer and better buildings for everyone. We believe in building better. For more information:


About BIMcollab

BIMcollab is an issue management system for BIM in the cloud and bridges the gap between BIM applications based on OpenBIM, by offering a broad set of add-ons for all popular BIM tools. Over 80.000 building professionals are using BIMcollab Cloud. It reduces time spend on communication about issues and helps to improve model quality: less construction errors, lower costs.

BIMcollab is a brand owned by KUBUS, a software company offering BIM solutions for Design & Build which is also exclusive distributor for GRAPHISOFT and Solibri, Inc. in the Benelux. KUBUS operates from offices in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Hasselt and Belgrade. For more information:


For more information:
Hristina Balabanova
[email protected]

Xinaps takes model checking to the cloud with Verifi3D

Model checking using Verifi3D
Checking properties of linked models in Verifi3D

Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) is the
integration of multidisciplinary working methodologies that optimizes and
accelerates the evolution of the AEC industry. Its main aspects feature the Product
(building, infrastructures, etc.), the Organization (involvement of all
parties) and the Process (workflow of the design). The added value is
enhanced collaboration among the parties, reduction of construction lead time
by 10% and a reduction of contingency costs up to 50%.

To further help the digitalization and the
modernization of the industry, we
launched our new product
Verifi3D: a state-of-the-art model checker for VDC

Check out AEC’s magazine Verifi3D review.

Aimed at bringing model checking to the next level,
Verifi3D not only allows you to check your models real-time but also helps you
be compliant with ISO19650 standards, as well as with local and
project-specific requirements. Verifi3D aims to become a leader in the
digitalization of the AEC industry, by automating time-consuming and mundane
processes that are often carried out manually. The product already has its
first customers, among which big names in the industry such as Takenaka, BuroHappold
and TBI.

What does Verifi3D bring to professionals’ workflow?

The idea came when
Frank Schuyer, CEO of Xinaps, wanted to design a software capable of smoothly linking
the final design stage with the pre-construction phase. These are the most
crucial stages of a building process, as they ensure the safety and accuracy of
building models, as well as their compliance with local rules and regulations. These
phases include a variety of professionals in different spheres. The complexity
of the projects and the number of parties involved can sometimes increase the
risk of inaccuracies or inefficiencies, making effective communication and integrated workflow
a must. The automation of tasks and the ability to access the latest version of
the building model can mitigate risks and improve the work of professionals in
the AEC industry.

As a product of
countless hours of research and development, Verifi3D is a Software-as-a-Service
(SaaS) that allows users to classify their building models data in real-time,
visualize them in 3D and 2D, run customizable checks, and report issues. Combined
with its cloud-based structure, the solution increases efficiency, decreases
costs and mitigates the risks of inaccuracies and miscalculations.

The solution
enhances the workflow of VDC professionals and ensures that building models are
compliant with local rules and regulations. Verifi3D supports native Revit® and
.IFC files and can be used for different checks, such as clash detection,
egress path and parameter checks. It also allows users to create and save their
own rulesets and reuse them for other future models, saving time and effort in
the pre-construction stage.

Verifi3D is
seamlessly integrated with collaboration platforms such as Autodesk BIM 360. It
also features a dashboard, which provides an overview of all projects, as well
as specific details about each individual project. The dashboard also provides
real-time updates about each model, making sure that each team member gets the
latest version.

The solution
supports issue tracking based on BCF format. It allows users to create
screenshots of issues, assign them to team members and export issue reports in
different formats, such as .PDF or .CSV.

Altogether, the AEC industry is a very complex
environment. The increasing number of professionals, data and project
complexity has to be balanced by the advancements of digital tools such as Verifi3D. The set of
Verifi3D includes
makes it a versatile, easy to use, all-in-one platform that can be used by
different team members in all steps of the pre-construction stage of the
building process.

The product’s pricing is based on a subscription model with a free trial
version (called Town), a City and a Metropolis version with additional support
and features included.

Request a quote from our pricing page or start your 30-day trial! You can also contact us through the website or send us an email at [email protected]

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