What makes Veirfi3D unique

Universal clash box

Ensure that there is enough free space between objects in any section of your building model and avoid clashing objects.

Custom rule sets

Define your checks into custom rule sets to make sure your model is compliant with the specific needs of your project. Save and reuse them for other building models.

Verifi3D is a cloud-based Software as a Service solution (SaaS) that allows you to upload the information from your building models ( using a Revit or an .IFC file), visualize them in 2D or 3D, verify your data using custom checks and create and export reports.

Features list


Filter manager

Categorize different objects in the building model. Use this feature to organize the input data easier or as an output for reporting purposes.

Custom rule sets

Use Verifi3D for your specific needs: create, import, save and export your own rule sets

Room area support

Avoid losing any information about room areas when transferring your building model data

Object explorer

Quickly navigate through objects or groups of  objects 

Advanced search

Find easily the objects you are looking for. Search based on dimensions or a set of rules.

Linked models

Connect all your building designs in one building model 


Universal clash box

Ensure that there is enough free space in each section of the building model and avoid clashing objects in the building model by using our clash box.

Parametric checks

Check and resolve inconsistent data in the early stages of the design building process byusing data and geometric validations.

Egress path

Find the nearest emergency exit from any point of the building model.


find the shortest path between two points in the model

Staircase check

Ensure that there is enough head space for all staircases in the model 

Object reach

Check the reach of objects in the building model and customize it depending on your needs


Scaled 2D plans

Create floor plans, detailed views and data schedules of the building model


Create, export and share issue reports real-time in different formats


Export quantities and parameters of objects

Tag manager

Put tags on different items on the building model to organize them easier 


Export reports in different formats, such as .BCF/ .PDF

View tools

Change between paper view, 2D and 3D or between different model levels

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