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The AEC sector’s rapid digitization has considerably boosted the digital data available from new projects. It’s quickly emerging as the next big thing to mine and use. BIM is revolutionizing the industry and helping to improve the design to build and maintain processes. Working on projects in an information-rich environment allows for the development of new technological applications based on the data. This webinar is a sequel to the previous one which looked at the topic: “A step-by-step approach to automated data processing of your BIM models in Verifi3D.”.  

Within this webinar, we will explore how the new update of Verifi3D helps you to visualise your BIM models.  

In this webinar, we will go through the following topics:

How to view a BIM model from a local or a Common Data Environment (CDE) such as BIM360?

How to visualise the results of classifying your BIM data in Verifi3D?

How to visualise the results of Rules and Rulesets in Verifi3D?


Paul Varghese

Paul Varghese

BIM Consultant
Verifi3D by Xinaps

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