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What advantages did Verifi3D bring to Hazenberg Bouw? – A TBI pilot study

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TBI is the leading Dutch construction, technology, and infrastructure giant. As Makers of Value, development builder Hazenberg Bouw, a subsidiary of TBI is always looking for future-proof innovations that contribute to LEAN method of planning. The company has been operating in the Netherlands for over 100 years. A key player in the Dutch construction industry, they are one of the most innovative and sustainable companies within the construction industry.

Hazenberg Bouw is at home in the southern Dutch market for new-build housing and non-residential building construction, existing building transformation and making more sustainable and long-term maintenance. Making sustainability accessible is at the core of Hazenberg Bouw.


Edwin van Kleij, BIM Director for Hazenberg Bouw, began working with Hazenberg Bouw in 2019. A pioneer in model checking using Open BIM standards, Edwin challenges himself and Hazenberg Bouw to reach the highest standards with each new project. As an experienced professional in the field of model checking, Edwin is in charge of ensuring compliance with building regulations and sustainability requirements on large-scale housing projects.

Streamlining and simplifying the existing workflow by minimizing redundancy and maintaining accountabilities for all stakeholders was a priority for Hazenberg Bouw. Edwin was looking for a solution that is simple, reliable, and easy to use for his team with little to no training involved. As a leading innovative company, there is no room for mistakes. To simplify and optimize their existing workflow, Hazenberg Bouw needs a solution that is smart, innovative and sustainable.

Hazenberg Bouw is looking to lead the market in relation to model checking based on the implementation of IFCbased workflows. They are being challenged by the existing solution and are looking to maximize the value of data compliance for their existing workflow.

As a team leader, Edwin understands his role and he wants to facilitate all of his team in using the best available tool in the market. Certain team members are customed to certain workflows and have certain preferences for their model checking solution. Critical information was scattered across multiple platforms and data was lost during translation. Edwin realizes that simple is better and he wants to combine the most important features of each of his team’s workflow in a flexible, browser and cloud-based solution. This has led him to pilot with Verifi3D.

Verifi3D by Xinaps


Hazenberg Bouw is an early adopter of Verifi3D. Since Verifi3D’s conception, Edwin has been a passionate advocate for Verifi3D and is passionate about model checking. As an expert in an industry dominated by novices, Edwin understands that not everybody can be an expert. He realizes that if Hazenberg Bouw can develop a standardized easy to follow approach to model checking, they can encourage a culture of checking earlier and regularly more within their project.

Hazenberg Bouw is the last line of defense against mistakes before they go live on site. Edwin understands the importance of constantly refining his workflow in accordance with the most cutting-edge model-checking solutions on the market. He believes that Verifi3D offers a new approach to model checking which simplifies the complexities associated with their existing workflows and allows more people in Hazenberg Bouw to engage in model checking early on.

The team at Hazenberg Bouw sees Verifi3D as having the potential to encourage people to check more during the design phase and removing the possibility of errors earlier which otherwise can be costly.

''When working in a large company, it is hard to communicate and access the latest version of a model in real-time. Often that requires many professionals to be physically present in the same room. The cloud structure of Verifi3D overcomes these obsolete patterns and brings the working flow to a different level. And we haven’t even unlocked its full potential yet.''


Edwin sees Verifi3D as a partner in model checking. As an innovative company, Hazenberg Bouw cannot afford to make mistakes with its designs. Edwin has already devoted a significant amount of time to developing Verifi3D because he understands the value of the product. An existing workflow can get even better with Verifi3D and is seen as a medium that can reduce complexity, cost and ultimately reduce rework on projects.

Next Step

The unique technological implications provided by Verifi3D have demonstrated promising capabilities to boost Hazenberg Bouw and other business units to reach their goals while overcoming the industry challenges leading to a higher quality of building models. Hazenberg Bouw is confident that Verifi3D will be a game-changer for the AEC industry!


Marketing Executive

Marketing Executive

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