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How to connect Verifi3D with Dropbox?

How to connect Verifi3D with Dropbox?

Dropbox integrates with Verifi3D to break down content silos and brings the latest version of your BIM files right into your workflow. Users can synchronize .rvt and IFC files between Verifi3D and Dropbox, all in your browser. Have a single source of truth for all your project data. Ensure a seamless flow of information in real time. The cloud-based (SaaS) solution for building design checks and validation in one workflow in a browser.

Access all your Dropbox assets without leaving Verifi3D. No set-up is needed, just connect your Verifi3D project folder to Dropbox and you’ll have all your assets at your fingertips.

Accelerate innovation and boost productivity. Files automatically stay in sync so your team can instantly check for clashes in building designs in less time. View, edit, check and validate .rvt/IFC files in Verifi3D. The combination creates powerful collaborative workflows.

Easy set-up. Connect Dropbox to Verifi3D with a few clicks. Easy to implement and use.

Share files on the go. Seamlessly access your .rvt/IFC files directly in Dropbox and share them with your team. The connected workflow enables model coordination at all times and all environments, thus increasing the quality of work and reducing errors in the process.

How to connect Verifi3D with Dropbox?

1. Navigate to the login and sign up page

2. Sign up for a new account or log in to Verifi3D with your Verifi3D credentials

3. You will see the Projects overview page

4. Click on the top right button “Add project from Dropbox”

5. You will need to authenticate yourself with your Dropbox credentials

6. Once authenticated, your Dropbox projects will automatically appear in the Verifi3D environment

7. You can find the content of your Dropbox in Models > Model Browser.

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Marketing Executive

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