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Automate compliance checks

Automate compliance checks

Change toolkit for digital building permit (CHEK) is an EU initiative on accelerating the digital transformation of the building permit process. By developing standardized procedures, CHEK aims to establish a unified building design validation process throughout Europe. The consortium is led by 19 European partners and comprises municipalities from the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal and the Czech Republic (including the Municipality of Rotterdam, Amersfoort and Den Haag, Comune Di Ascoli Piceno and Camara Municipal de Lisboa ), governmental organizations Rijkswaterstaat and international standardization organizations (Open Geospatial Consortium, buildingSMART ). Xinaps’ advanced rule engine, Verifi3D stands at the forefront of CHEK project.

Eliminate manual work.

Validation of local building codes is streamlined with Verifi3D by automating the manual model checking process using predefined templates based on openBIM workflow. This results in enhanced efficiency throughout the building design process while providing comprehensive support to municipalities’ teams.

Automated and digital process.

With its next generation machine learning capabilities and advanced rule-based engine, Verifi3D supports the building permit process in becoming more optimized and automated, resulting in a 30-40% more efficient process. Furthermore, by ensuring consistent data quality, Verifi3D minimizes rework, thus contributing to reduced carbon (CO2) footprint.

Standardization and consistency.

By automating compliance checks, enhancing collaboration, and streamlining building design processes, Verifi3D stands at the forefront of the CHEK project, revolutionizing the building permit process by setting de facto standards for EU government bodies.

Scalable and agnostic.

Through the standardization of rule sets with reusable templates and integrating with leading CDEs in the digital ecosystem, Verifi3D plays a crucial role in ensuring consistency, compatibility, flexibility and real time flow of information across different projects and stakeholders.

“Now, more than ever, the government bodies are undertaking more work with the same amount of people, and Verifi3D aids in simplifying the intricate process of automated compliance checks.”


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Milu Sini Lal

Marketing Executive

Milu Sini Lal

Marketing Executive

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