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Standardize clash checks

Standardize clash checks

Founded in the heart of the Netherlands, BMN De Klerk is a leading construction firm specializing in commercial and residential projects, reflecting its versatility and adaptability in meeting diverse client needs. Over decades, it has earned a sterling reputation for reliability, quality and integrity. As sustainability becomes increasingly critical in the construction sector, BMN De Klerk has emerged as a leader in implementing eco-friendly practices and green building solutions. With a commitment to quality, sustainability and innovation, BMN De Klerk continuously seeks out technologies to streamline workflows and enhance project outcomes.  By embracing advanced technologies and sustainable practices, BMN De Klerk has implemented Verifi3D, setting a new industry standard in its pursuit of excellence and continuing to redefine industry standards.

Seamless integration.

By leveraging the seamless integration with Trimble Connect, the building design teams streamline workflows across the entire project lifecycle to perform advanced clash checks. This integration eliminates the need for manual data transfers between different tools, reducing the risk of errors and saving valuable time during the design and construction phases, facilitating a more organized and transparent workflow.

Standardized workflow.

Access .rvt/IFC files directly within Trimble Connect, enabling seamless collaboration with the team. Version control features allow teams to track changes and maintain a history of revisions, facilitating a more organized and transparent workflow. The connected workflow ensures consistent model coordination across all environments, thus facilitating a synchronized, streamlined and standardized building design workflow.

Collaborative model checking.

BIM models often originate from various sources, each with its own set of standards and quality levels. With its advanced rule-based engine, teams were able to automate and recreate standards into rule-based checks, including support for NL-SfB, the Dutch building standard. This enhances interoperability, consistency and regulatory compliance across building design projects.

Drive innovation and enhance productivity.

With automatic file synchronization, teams can instantly check for clashes in building designs, saving valuable time and experiencing productivity improvements of 30-40%. Seamlessly view, edit, check and validate .rvt/IFC files within Verifi3D, empowering teams to efficiently manage the clash detection process. This facilitates issue reporting via BCF Topic in Trimble Connect, optimizing the workflow and enhancing collaboration among project stakeholders.

“The standardization of clash checks has transformed how we work at BMN De Klerk. Verifi3D has become an indispensable tool in our everyday workflow, bringing consistency and efficiency in our building design projects!”

Managing Director

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Milu Sini Lal

Marketing Executive

Milu Sini Lal

Marketing Executive

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