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Verifi3D supports NL/SfB – The Dutch classification for building components!

Verifi3D supports NL/SfB – The Dutch classification for building components!

Verifi3D now supports NL/SfB as a classification filter set. NL/SfB is the most commonly used classification for building components in the Netherlands. The Verifi3D application provides a library of templates to help make the model checking process easy.

The NL/SfB is derived from the international CI/SfB classification. With NL/SfB the BIM elements can be organised in Verifi3D based on standardised classification codes. Specialists can now leverage the NL/SfB template to simplify the model checking process by checking classification codes of a Revit or an IFC model and organize models by the NL/SfB system within Verifi3D.

When the NL/SfB template is imported into Verifi3D, specialists can run filters to show elements with specific classification codes, classify by running a single to isolate elements with a certain classification code, or run one or more filters sets to visualize multiple categories at once. By using classification filters, the BIM elements can be visually inspected to determine how the classification codes are used and if they are used as intended. Specialists can further validate by creating rules based on NL/SfB classification codes, checking if all elements have been assigned a classification code and if the classification code used is correct. Furthermore, it is possible to report and export results to Excel, CSV, or PDF file formats, and can create quantity take-offs based on NL/SfB classification codes!

The Verifi3D interface looks like the below:

With the NL/SfB template, professionals can leverage the solution and check the classification data of the model. It is possible to check project-specific requirements on elements filtered with NL/SfB codes. Users can download project templates that can be shared, amended, and taken into other projects and simplify the model-checking process. The interaction between user access roles & templates simplifies the data validation process.

In addition to NL/SfB, Verifi3D supports NAA.K.T.the Dutch material naming standard. Connect with Verifi3D’s model checking capabilities for a more efficient coordination workflow.


Milu Sini Lal

Marketing Executive


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