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Verifi3D supports NL/SfB!

Verifi3D supports NL/SfB!

Verifi3D now supports NL/SfB as a classification filter set. NL/SfB is the most commonly used classification for building components in the Netherlands. The Verifi3D application provides a library of templates to help make the model checking process easy.

The NL/SfB is derived from the international CI/SfB classification. With NL/SfB, the BIM elements can be organised in Verifi3D based on standardised classification codes. Users can now leverage the NL/SfB template to simplify the model checking process by checking classification codes of a Revit or an IFC model and organize models by the NL/SfB system.

With the NL/SfB template, users can leverage the solution and check the classification data of the model. In addition to NL/SfB, Verifi3D supports NAA.K.T., the Dutch material naming standard. Connect with Verifi3D’s model checking capabilities for a more efficient coordination workflow

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Milu Sini Lal

Marketing Executive


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