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Construction and engineering projects are complex and dynamic, involving multiple workflows that must be coordinated and managed effectively. However, the vast amount of information involved in these projects, combined with the various file formats and disconnected processes, can lead to inconsistencies in the building data. This can result in significant environmental and financial issues, such as scalability, revenue loss, misaligned project prioritization, and increased carbon emissions.

The Leverage BIM Data Ft. SharePoint, Verifi3D Special Edition is a guide to BIM model coordination and checking for improved workflow efficiency in building design. The book aims to help building designs teams get the most out of their Common Data Environment (CDE)/file repository – SharePoint. Gain insights into the future of BIM model checking and collaboration and the role of Verifi3D and SharePoint in shaping it! 

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Join us for the exciting book launch of “Leverage BIM Data Ft. Trimble Connectduring our webinar on “Clash detection with Trimble Connect and Verifi3D” featuring industry experts David Lash, Innovation Manager (Construction Sector) at Trimble Inc  and Ward Turkyeh, BIM Specialist & Customer Success Manager – Verifi3D.

Date: 25 April 2024

Time: 17:00 CET/16:00 BST/11:00 AM EST

Sign up today for the exclusive session and perform advanced rule-based checks directly within Trimble Connect through seamless integration with the powerful rule engine of Verifi3D.

Integrated workflows: A must In the digital transformation of the AEC industry

Integrated workflows: A must In the digital transformation of the AEC industry

In the not-so-distant past, the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry relied on pen and paper, with information meticulously stored in bulky file cabinets. Fast forward to today, and the industry has undergone a remarkable digital transformation. Traditional paper drawings have given way to sophisticated CAD files, and organizations across all sectors are embracing digital tools to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and accuracy. This shift is not just a trend; it’s a fundamental evolution driven by global standards, revolutionizing the way construction projects are conceived, implemented, and supervised.

Seamless collaboration

In the dynamic world of construction projects, effective communication and decision-making hinge on having accurate, up-to-date information at your fingertips. Yet, translating visionary concepts into practical realities often encounters resistance, particularly when navigating the complexities of change management. One of the key challenges lies in the divergent tools and systems used across different departments, leading to the potential for errors and inefficiencies stemming from outdated files.

Imagine a scenario where data harmonization is automated, seamlessly aligning information across the board. This integration would establish an ecosystem where departments collaborate effortlessly, sharing data, workflows, and insights in real-time. Such cohesion would not only streamline operations but also proactively refine data, eliminating the risk of disjointed workflows and ensuring that the right information is always available when and where it’s needed most.

openBIM and open innovation possibilities

openBIM is the superhero of construction information exchange, wielding open standards like Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), Information Delivery Specification (IDS) and Construction to Operations Building information exchange (COBie) to simplify the complex dance of data sharing. With these standards, BIM and other crucial information can flow seamlessly between software and stakeholders, ensuring a harmonious symphony of consistent information quality and effortless collaboration.

Integrated workflows

In the dynamic world of construction, openBIM and open innovation are revolutionizing collaboration. Industry leaders are driving a wave of streamlined workflows, accelerating project timelines, and enhancing outcomes. Integrated project delivery now demands a new level of data synchronization. Transparent, accessible information is key to project success, empowering teams to make informed decisions.

One of the key advantages of openBIM is its flexibility. Teams can use their preferred software as long as it complies with openBIM standards. This ensures seamless collaboration and data sharing throughout the project lifecycle.

At the heart of this transformation are people. Technology, data, and solutions converge to enable integrated workflows that reduce time wasted on file version searches, improve model coordination, and enhance project data accumulation. These workflows support both internal and external teams, enabling real-time cooperation, improving communication, and boosting productivity.

Embracing openBIM and open innovation is not just about adopting new tools; it’s about fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation that drives the industry forward.

Opportunities for digital transformation

Integrating workflows presents a fascinating array of challenges. From the intricate web of connecting systems across departments to the ever-present concerns of data and cybersecurity, compatibility issues, and the costs involved in integrating diverse IT systems, the landscape is complex. Furthermore, implementing integrated workflows necessitates a shift in end-users’ work habits, a thorough update of organization-wide processes, and comprehensive training on new tools.

Steady goes with BIM process management

A robust BIM validation tool is like a silent hero, stepping in to tackle challenges with precision and finesse, ensuring smooth operations without causing a stir. Operating in the cloud, it effortlessly utilizes predefined templates to automate model-checking, offering a seamless and customizable experience. It seamlessly integrates standards into workflows, becoming an indispensable part of any project’s success.

Verifi3D: The next-gen solution for model checking in BIM-projects

Verifi3D is the digital sentinel of your BIM fortress, a cloud-based guardian that not only integrates seamlessly with open standards but also stands as a stalwart protector of cybersecurity in your real-time collaboration efforts. It effortlessly melds into your existing VDC/BIM workflows, offering a treasure trove of predefined rule templates customized to your discipline. Verifi3D is the automation wizard that simplifies BIM model checking without demanding significant workflow alterations. With its comprehensive training and support, you can embark on a smooth transition to this user-friendly tool, ensuring your BIM journey is as secure as it is efficient.

Data security, cybersecurity and privacy

When it comes to integrating workflows, safeguarding data security and privacy is paramount. Verifi3D offers a robust cloud-based platform designed for the seamless sharing and management of construction data. With its stringent access controls, teams can confidently trust that their data remains protected at all times.

In the eve of a new era

The AEC industry stands at the precipice of a digital revolution, and cloud computing is emerging as a key player in transforming job sites. Technologies like Extended Reality (XR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are spearheading this transformation, ushering in an era of enhanced efficiency and collaboration by delivering information in diverse formats. As regulations and standards at the global, international, and national levels continue to evolve, ensuring data consistency remains paramount. Verifi3D is poised to embrace this future by connecting BIM users, nurturing collaboration, and facilitating data exchange. With Verifi3D, your project remains compliant with the latest regulations and standards, ensuring that AEC professionals are well-equipped for the myriad business opportunities that the digital age presents.

Join our exclusive webinar, “Unlocking efficiency – IDS and BIM model checking” ft. Rob Roef (Chair – buildingSMART BENELUX) and Ward Turkyeh (BIM Specialist – Verifi3D) on 22 May 2024 at 04:00 PM CET I 10:00 AM EST

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Vice President of Innovation
OAC Services, Inc.

Vice President of Innovation
OAC Services, Inc.

How to connect Verifi3D with Aconex

How to connect Verifi3D with Aconex?

Aconex integrates with Verifi3D, redefining how teams manage projects and validate building design models. With this integration, building design teams can synchronize .rvt and IFC files between Verifi3D and Aconex, all in a browser. By having a single source of truth for all project data, teams can avoid outdated and inconsistent building design data, thus ensuring a seamless flow of information in real time

Access all your Aconex assets without leaving Verifi3D. By consolidating all building design data within Aconex and Verifi3D, teams gain access to a unified repository of information. This streamlines workflows and fortifies data integrity.

Real-time updates: Project teams benefit from a seamless environment for collaboration and coordination. This integration enables teams to access real-time updates irrespective of geographical location, thereby enhancing project efficiency and transparency. 

Secure collaboration. The user access roles on Verifi3D act as gatekeepers by restricting access to authorized users only. This aligns perfectly with Aconex’s model, where each project organization retains ownership of its data within its private workspace. Thus, mitigating the risk of data breaches or unauthorized modifications. 

Share files on the go. Seamlessly access and synchronize .rvt/IFC files between Aconex and Verifi3D and share them with the team. The connected workflow enables model coordination at all times and in all environments, thus increasing the quality of work and reducing errors in the process. 

How to connect Verifi3D with Aconex?

1. Navigate to the login and sign up page

2. Sign up for a new account or log in to Verifi3D with your Verifi3D credentials

3. To see the Projects overview page, click on the “Go To Projects” button

4. Click on the button “Add Project From” and from the dropdown select “Aconex”

5. You will need to authenticate yourself with your Aconex credentials

6. Once authenticated, your Aconex projects will automatically appear in the Verifi3D environment

7. You can find the content of your Aconex in Models > Model Browser.

Don't miss out on our exclusive bundle package!

Contact us today to receive a proposal and take advantage of our Verifi3D and Aconex integration!

Contact us today to receive a proposal and take advantage of our Verifi3D and Aconex integration!


Milu Sini Lal

Marketing Executive

Milu Sini Lal

Marketing Executive

Standardize clash checks

Standardize clash checks

Founded in the heart of the Netherlands, BMN De Klerk is a leading construction firm specializing in commercial and residential projects, reflecting its versatility and adaptability in meeting diverse client needs. Over decades, it has earned a sterling reputation for reliability, quality and integrity. As sustainability becomes increasingly critical in the construction sector, BMN De Klerk has emerged as a leader in implementing eco-friendly practices and green building solutions. With a commitment to quality, sustainability and innovation, BMN De Klerk continuously seeks out technologies to streamline workflows and enhance project outcomes.  By embracing advanced technologies and sustainable practices, BMN De Klerk has implemented Verifi3D, setting a new industry standard in its pursuit of excellence and continuing to redefine industry standards.

Seamless integration.

By leveraging the seamless integration with Trimble Connect, the building design teams streamline workflows across the entire project lifecycle to perform advanced clash checks. This integration eliminates the need for manual data transfers between different tools, reducing the risk of errors and saving valuable time during the design and construction phases, facilitating a more organized and transparent workflow.

Standardized workflow.

Access .rvt/IFC files directly within Trimble Connect, enabling seamless collaboration with the team. Version control features allow teams to track changes and maintain a history of revisions, facilitating a more organized and transparent workflow. The connected workflow ensures consistent model coordination across all environments, thus facilitating a synchronized, streamlined and standardized building design workflow.

Collaborative model checking.

BIM models often originate from various sources, each with its own set of standards and quality levels. With its advanced rule-based engine, teams were able to automate and recreate standards into rule-based checks, including support for NL-SfB, the Dutch building standard. This enhances interoperability, consistency and regulatory compliance across building design projects.

Drive innovation and enhance productivity.

With automatic file synchronization, teams can instantly check for clashes in building designs, saving valuable time and experiencing productivity improvements of 30-40%. Seamlessly view, edit, check and validate .rvt/IFC files within Verifi3D, empowering teams to efficiently manage the clash detection process. This facilitates issue reporting via BCF Topic in Trimble Connect, optimizing the workflow and enhancing collaboration among project stakeholders.

“The standardization of clash checks has transformed how we work at BMN De Klerk. Verifi3D has become an indispensable tool in our everyday workflow, bringing consistency and efficiency in our building design projects!”

Managing Director

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Milu Sini Lal

Marketing Executive

Milu Sini Lal

Marketing Executive

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